Am I really ready to Graduate?

I don’t think my aims have changed since starting this course.  I wanted to marry my animation skills with programming and either create my own games/apps or use these skills to get me further into a late career in the industry.

C++ nearly broke me and perhaps that is a sign of being too old to adapt between different languages.  What the last two studio subjects have taught me is that I want to be a Unity developer when I graduate.

It seems, from reading the job market correctly, that the main concerns left for me are to gain an understanding of the Mechanim system, Animation trees and experience with a range of repository formats (my only experience to date has been Git).

Next Trimester, I am working on the Final Project, which meant that I will be looking at Animation Trees over the holidays and implementing a few of my previous animations so that I can readily understand how they work and how to best leverage them.  This way I will be prepared to implement animations as soon as we return from the holiday break.

Also, next trimester, I will be working with a group of ex-qantm students who have their own studio and are trying to get their game “Hands Off” greenlit through Steam.  I will be doing rapid prototyping for them for new game ideas and improvements or new concepts for the “Hands Off” title.  They will expect me to be knowledgeable in using Bitbucket and TortiseHg, which I will also be looking into over the holiday break.  As I am already conversant with using Git, I’m sure that it will not be a culture shock using Bitbucket and TortiseHg.

I think it will be a very busy lead up till the end of the year, but I am looking forward to it.  Perhaps because I am finished with C++, but I can’t just leave it there.  Some of the advertisers looking for Unity developers also recommend Unreal experience.  While I have used Unreal to show off Modeling assets and have used the Kismet system, I doubt that this would be enough to warrant a job so I will need to continue with my C++ training and try to become a lot more proficient in it.  Who knows, I might even begin to like it.


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