When communication and GDD’s aren’t enough

For weeks, I have been designing assets and scripts believing that my team’s current project,  “Atl and Ollin”, was to be one single open world.  Two nights before the first play test, I find out that it will be 3 separate levels.  Apparently, it has been so for some time, but I wasn’t aware of it and it isn’t covered in the GDD.

I don’t know if I made an assumption about the state of this game, but I believed that my concept was valuable to the desired outcome of the game which is the need to build trust.  There would have been no breaks from the immersion of the characters and their journey across the landscape.  I knew that there were 3 different stages of the game, but I don’t believe that they should be broken up with different levels.

I will endeavour to try and convince the designer to consider this idea and try to compare it with life itself, where there is a stage of learning and playful abandon (tutorial area), followed by the panic of the middle years (disturbing the fog) followed by the inevitability of death (final area).

I didn’t even have a chance to even write up this blog as the pedal was to the metal all weekend.  Sleep deprivation..who needs it 😉


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