Post Mortem on Second Robot Battle

The story of the second battle is a case of an incorrect strategy. I had several points loaded into the map and the aim was for the bot to pathfind its way to the nearest point, then to sit there and camp until another bot turned up, whereupon my bot would fight it.

I named the bot “It’s a legit strategy” and it could well be, but, I did not account for someone else to a/. have the same strategy as me or 2/. have no pathfinding at all.

It was another unmitigated failure in yet another bot challenge. The first thing I noticed was that I obviously had a variable that wasn’t being reset, even though I seemed to have no problem with it in pre-testing. Depending on the first point it was using as a camping position, the “look at” spot remained the same, meaning that regardless of where it was camped, there was only one position where it was looking in the correct direction. The rest was just my inadequate strategy.

This is causing me a bit of bother, because in both cases, I have spent a lot of time on the bots and have had a negative result on both occasions.

What I should have done was to plot a course that took in the entire map. Any contact with the enemy would be met with a battle. A failure to meet the enemy means that it, too is moving around the map. This could possibly be the opportunity to begin “camping”

If the enemy was to run away, chase them or plot an intercept course. If they move towards me while attacking, plot a course where I can slip around a blind corner and shoot from ambush. Rinse and repeat the strategy.

I was also impressed with Tom’s choice of using rays to steer clear of the walls. I can see that it could be a very effective way of negotiating the map with a little bit of speed.

I am “re-building” my bot to incorporate most of these features, but after this weekend, it will probably have to remain in my “spare” time as there will be a lot of extras than will need to be done before the end of this trimester.


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