Cool 2d effect I am trying to replicate.

I came across this site last week :

The effects that are generated on this site interested me and I was interested in trying to recreate them.  I found the code online here: and was able to work out what it was doing, but it seemed quite complex to me.

It seems like the level’s walls/obstacles have to be hard coded directly into the level and then a ray cast can find the corners of the walls/obstacles and and area can then be mapped out and a shader then sorts out what is foreground and what is background.

I was wondering is this could all be done in a shader.  Being without the internet this month has made my search very difficult .. having to rely on my ex to access the internet.  I have found a couple of shaders on and am trying to investigate aspects of them.  I have no real results at the moment, but will hope to have something by next week.

If I can’t solve the problem using just a shader, I will use the method of applying a cut out so the shader can correctly show the background.  Regardless of which of these methods I will be using, a full report will be available next week.


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