What have I learned this Trimester.

There are so many little things, that I wouldn’t know where to begin, so on a larger scale:

I have learned how to build a quick prototype and create hacky code fixes to get the game running.

I have learned how to set up play testing for the prototype.

I have learned that feedback is essential to show the player what he needs to do and to avoid the things that he just did.

I have learned how to set up a repo and manage it.

I have learned how to do a technical design document (better than when I started this trimester).

I have learned that having no team leader but good communication is way better than having a team leader but no communication.

I have learned (hopefully) how to deal with several team situations. Like, when you think that you are not being heard in relation to game decisions and game choices, when team members let you and the team down, how Risks need to be more than just identified, how we need plans to overcome the risks.

I have learned how shaders work to translate vertices to screen pixels … and how you can start manipulating the information during the shader pass, or passes.

I have learned enough about web site design to feel confident in giving it a try over the holidays and set up my own web site.

While I have learned many little things with C++, I still feel like a fish out of water with the language.  The SFML project was such a quantum leap from Greg’s classes, that I was originally keeping quiet because I thought that I was well behind the 8 ball, until I realised that nearly  everyone else was in the same boat.  Moving forward, I have found some tutorials to do over the break, that I hope will give me some help in further understanding C++, and pointers.

I have learned what I want to be when I grow up.

I have learned that there is way to much to do over the break.


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