Thoughts about Studio 1

It is 7 weeks into this subject and there have been areas of challenge for me.  Working with teams and having to relate with younger people who know more about this subject that I do has been one of the bigger challenges.

This latest project, while I am working with one of the designers I think highly of, leaves me a bit uninspired.  It is probably because it is a very basic game with little input being accepted from me.  My attempts to try and make the game more challenging have been resisted.  Adding to that is the fact that a lot of the programming is to be done by the designers.  While this will free up the programmers to work on the Production component of the assessment, it will leave little to put into our portfolios or for the presentation at the end of the subject.

With the final presentation well in mind, I am thinking of trying my hand at creating a moving car with all associated physics to try and give it some realism so that it will spin the tyres at the start, can drift around corners if approaching them wrongly and losing control when going off the course / road.  I will need to factor in a friction system, realistic speeds and velocities.

I will create the car firstly and then try and work out an area to drive it in, if there is any time.  The things I wish to have in this car is a “rear mounted drive system”, front steering, the concept of suspension, the concept of friction.  In essence, like a 70’s muscle car 🙂

The things I hope to pick up from this project are:  How to use rotational force to move an object, how to create a friction system that interacts with he tyres and is indicative of the surface currently being traveled on, how to use the rotation/angle of the front wheels to steer the drive coming from the rear wheels and the multitude of problems I will have to overcome in the interim.


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