Reconsidering my career path

The main reason I came back to Uni to do Programming was the idea that, not being able to get a job in animation, I can at least be able to make something small scale and try and generate an income from that while still trying to find work.

Once making this decision, I have since seen jobs being advertised for programmers with animation experience.  I have no illusions of being scooped up by AAA gaming and believe that I should focus on making my self more employable in an Indie environment.  To that end, I should be looking at ways of dealing with animations within Unity and would like to become the “artistic” programmer.

I believe that this could cover a great range of topics, but I would look at using the Mecanim system within unity.  I would also look at greatly expanding my understanding of Particle systems, how they are designed and how they function.

In conjunction with a strong general knowledge of programming, I believe that I can make myself much more employable when I have finished up with Qantm/SAE.


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