Details and post mortem on final presentation of 1st group project

A full list of my personal credits for this project are:

3rd person controller and camera scripts (prototype)- converted over to a standard first person controller and camera (Final).

Scripts and prefabs for a drawbridge to lower and then raise after x seconds.  Included collision boxes down the sides and under the bridge to prevent the player falling through or off the bridge.(both prototype and final)

Model and UV unwrap of the bridge model. (final)

Model placeholder assets of all main characters.(prototype)

Game director to handle the swaps between the characters. (prototype and final)

Script for jumping the main character through the jumping box.  (prototype and final)

UV unwrap of button and texture.  Animate the pressing in of the button in Unity. (final)

Failed script for the line of sight mechanic and the subsequent scripting that allowed for button changes between the characters. (prototype and final)

Changed the pivot point of the final models in 3ds max (rotating them so the Y axis was up) and imported them into Unity, as well as their textures. (final)

Sourced, scripted and edited the following audio clips:

  • footsteps for all characters.
  • bridge mechanism.
  • Jumping.
  • jumping box.
  • heavy box and jumping box  hitting the floor.
  • small teleporter.

This project has helped me with my professional goals by providing an opportunity for general coding practice and working under pressure towards a strict deadline.  It has also helped me work out exactly what areas I would like to focus on with future projects so that I can be gainfully employed within the indie games circuit here in Queensland.

The 3 important things I have learned from this project are:

  1. Get the prototype working well in the first instance.  It seems that the more you get accomplished with the prototype, the less pressure you will be under for the second half of the project.  While the code might change, you already have a good starting point with the code from the prototype.
  2. Provide more time for play testing and factor that into the time line of the project.  We didn’t allow enough time for serious play testing and trying to find the bugs and glitches in our game.  In all honesty, we didn’t even factor that into our time line, which had production all the way up until the night before the first build was due.
  3. I believe that all teams should have a team leader.  We did not have a leader on our team who could check that tasks were proceeding as scheduled, could make a decision to change the Game Design Document and could chase up the people who were not contributing fully to the efforts of the team.  Without a leader, I feel we were affected by a lack of direction and seemed to be hopping from one emergency to another with a small group of people doing the work that should have been done by others.




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