Now that I am grown up … what next?

Where do I want to travel to, down this late developing road that I have set my self upon?  I am 52 years old and feel that my options are very limited with a future in the games industry.

I do have the slight advantage in that I already have an animation degree, which by all accounts could help me get a position over someone who is “just” a programmer.

I am obviously interested in Indie Studios, because they will be making the type of games that AAA won’t touch and I doubt that I will have the necessary experience for any bigger companies.  I believe that Indie studios tend to be games that have a clear message to tell the player (or they can be just great fun).

For my own interests … I would really like to learn more about AI and working out algorithms for AI moves and counter-moves.  I also have a leaning towards puzzle levels, but a part of me is wondering if that is a self-defence mechanism.  Working on puzzles and puzzle levels could tend to be a safer option for me and lend itself to creating solo apps.  Maybe that can be the back-up plan.


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